Yes! MojoTxt now supports the sending of Emoji and other special/international characters in both SMS and MMS messages. 

How do I send Emoji in my messages?

To send a message that contains Emoji, you'll need to be on a device with Emoji support and an Emoji keyboard.  If you're using a Mac with the latest version of MacOS, you can activate the Emoji keyboard by pressing Control+Command+Space.  If you're running Windows, click below to find instructions for your version:

You can also copy and paste emoji characters into your messages from

Why are my SMS messages limited to 70 characters (or less)?

When sending an SMS message containing Emoji or other special characters, mobile carriers require that we send your message in a special format.  This format uses more than twice as much data to store each character of your message, which reduces the number of overall characters that can fit in a single SMS message by more than half.  In addition to this, the Emoji characters themselves can often consume more than one character each.  If you're interested in understanding the technical reasons behind this limitation, this page has some helpful information

Can you guarantee that Emoji and other special characters will display correctly for all of my subscribers?

Unfortunately, no.  Emoji support has not been standardized across all carriers and devices, as a result we cannot guarantee that your Emoji characters will be properly received by all your subscribers. We will do the best we can to ensure the Emoji in your message is delivered, but in some cases they may not deliver or display correctly.