Yes!  MojoTxt now supports the sending of MMS/Picture messages across all mobile carriers in the United States and Canada.

How do I send an MMS?

MMS messages can be sent from any Subscription List.  Just choose the MMS/Picture Message option when sending a new message from your list.  You'll then see an option to attach an image.  In addition to the ability to send images, MMS messages can also contain way more text – up-to 1,600 characters in a single message!

What kinds of images can I send?

You can select any JPEG/GIF/PNG file (including animated GIFs), and we will handle resizing and converting the image to a compatible format.

Can I send videos or other file attachments?

Not at this time, but you can still include a link to another item just as you can with an SMS.

Does it cost extra to send MMS messages?

Each MMS message you send uses 2 message credits. That means that if you send an MMS to a subscription list with 100 subscribers, 200 message credits will be used.  The reason for this extra cost is that our mobile carrier charges us more than double the standard rate to send an MMS message.

Can I receive MMS messages from my subscribers?

Yes. If you have Conversations enabled, your subscribers' MMS messages will be visible from the Conversations window.

Does it cost extra if I receive an MMS message from a subscriber?

No. Inbound MMS messages use only 1 message credit. 

Why don't I have the option to send an MMS message?

Some of our customers' toll-free numbers are not presently capable of sending MMS messages. We plan to MMS-enable all of our toll-free numbers in the future. If this feature is a priority to you, please reach out to our support team and we'll do our best to MMS-enable your number as soon as possible.