We released a handful of new features that we think you're going to love!  

1. Upgraded People Page

We've added a ton of new features and time-saving tools to the People page.  With this release, you can...

  • Add multiple people to a subscription list
  • Send messages to any number of people at once
  • Import people from a CSV file
  • Export people to CSV
  • Delete people 
  • Filter people by subscription list, donation usage, and tags

2. Tags

Some of our customers have asked for a way to divide their subscription lists into smaller subgroups.  We loved that idea, but we thought we could do even better... so we created Tags!  Tags are labels that you can apply to any person in MojoTxt.  You can apply any number of tags to any number of people.  When you send a subscription list message, you can send the message only to people that have one of the tags you specify.

3. Automations

A few months ago we released a feature that allowed you to send messages on a predefined schedule.  We called it "send this message relative to the time a person subscribes".  We realize now that our naming choice was a bit confusing and very bland... so that feature is now called Automations, and it's available on its own tab from within your subscription list.  You can now trigger automations to happen immediately after someone joins your list too.