We're happy to introduce a brand new feature to you: User Settings!

Starting today, your subscribers can manage their profiles, subscriptions, and donations online. They can do things like...

  • Update their name and contact information.
  • Choose which Subscription Lists and Daily Programs to subscribe to.
  • Make a donation. *
  • Manage automatically-repeating donations. *
  • View donation history. *

*Donation features are only available if you have at least one donation fund set-up on your MojoTxt phone number.



By default, all of your donation funds, subscription lists, and daily programs will be visible from User Settings. If you'd like to hide an item from the page, just un-check the "Visible" box, located on the Settings tab of the fund, list, or daily program. Hidden items will only be visible to people who have already subscribed or donated to them.


We made it super simple for people to access their settings page.  All they need to do is text the word SETTINGS to your MojoTxt number.  In response, they will receive a secure one-time-use link to manage their account.  We also created a few context-specific keywords that automatically jump people to specific areas of the settings page...

  • PROFILE – Can be used to view and update contact information.
  • SUBSCRIPTIONS, SUBSCRIBE, JOIN, STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE – Can be used to manage subscriptions.
  • DONATE, GIVE, DONATIONS – Can be used to make a donation, change a repeating donation, or to view donation history.

If you're already using one of these keywords on your MojoTxt number, it will continue to work as normal.  You can override any of these keywords (except STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE) with any list, auto-responder, donation fund, daily program, or alternate keyword.


Like other areas of MojoTxt, you can add your logo to User Settings and modify the colors to match your brand. Any changes you make on your phone number's Branding page will automatically apply to User Settings as well.