If you would like to embed text from the ESV Bible in your church's Daily Program, you'll need to connect your MojoTxt account to the Crossway ESV API. The API is free for nonprofit use, but there are a few simple steps you'll need to follow to get started:

Step 1: Apply for access to the ESV API.

  1. Visit https://api.esv.org/cas/login/ and create (or sign-in to) a Crossway account.
  2. Click the Create an API Application button.
  3. On the Create An Application page, fill-in these fields:
    • Application Name: The name of your church's daily program (i.e. MyChurch Daily Bible Reading)
    • Intended Use: Church use (or another option, if applicable)
    • After completing those items, the following fields will appear...
      • Does your use fall within the API3 guidelines? (Read the guidelines to be sure, but if you are a church and you are sending less than 500 verses of scripture with your daily program, the answer will likely be Yes.)
      • Church Name, Church Address - Your church's name and address
      • History of Product/Platform - Briefly describe your daily program. (i.e. We will send links to daily Bible readings to our church members via text message which will be displayed in their mobile web browsers.)
  4. Click Create Application.
  5. You may need to wait for your application to be approved.  Once it is approved, follow the instructions below to add the API key to your MojoTxt account.

Step 2: Connect MojoTxt to your ESV API account.

  1. Visit the My Applications page on the ESV site to obtain your API Key. 
    • Click the name of the application you created.
    • Your API key is displayed after the text "Authorization: Token".  Copy the API key.
  2. Visit the Account > Integrations > ESV Bible page in MojoTxt.
    • Paste your API Key and press Connect.
    • At this time, people will see the embedded ESV Bible text when reading your daily program. (If anyone is using a translation other than ESV as their default, they will continue to see links to the scripture readings in their preferred translation.)