Subscription Lists are lists of people that have opted-in to receive communication from your organization. The primary way people will join your list is by texting-in to your dedicated MojoTxt number. Once people have joined your list, your administrators can use MojoTxt to easily keep in touch with by sending quick text (SMS) or picture (MMS) messages. Having a ready-made list at your fingertips saves time and allows for quick communication to promote an event, let people know of a need or request, keep people connected with regular announcements, and even send out weekly sermon notes!


This article assumes that you already have an active MojoTxt account with a phone number.  If you don't have an account yet, you can sign-up online.

Step 1: Create a Subscription List

In order to send a message to a Subscription List, you first need to create a New Subscription List. From the MojoTxt dashboard, click New Subscription List then pick a List Name and a Keyword (this is the word that people will text-in to your MojoTxt number to subscribe to the list. For example, "Alerts", "Updates", "Reminders"). 

  1. Log-into MojoTxt.
  2. Choose Subscription Lists from the Tools Menu on the left. 
  3. Click New Subscription List
  4. Choose a name for your list as well as a Keyword. (The Keyword is what people can text-in to join your list.)

Step 2: Add Subscribers

You can add subscribers to your list in the following ways:

  • Self-Service Opt-In Options (Recommended) – These methods allow people to add themselves to your lists.
    • Text-Based Opt-In - Ask your subscribers text the list's Keyword to your MojoTxt number
    • Web-Based Opt-In - Visit your list's Settings tab to find the sign-up link. You can add this link to your website, post it to social media, or include it in an email. Once someone follows the link, they'll be able to enter their name and mobile number to opt themselves into your list. Learn more.
  • Import Options – These methods allow you to add subscribers who have already given you permission to text them. You can find these options under your list's Subscribers tab by clicking the Add Subscribers button.

    • Add a Single Subscriber - Add a single subscriber by typing-in their phone number.
    • Import from another Keyword - Add people who have interacted with another keyword, such as a donation keyword or an auto-responder.
    • Import from a List - Import a list of people who have provided prior texting permission. Your list must be in CSV format, with a single person on each line.