MojoTxt can make your job easier by automatically sending a text message response to a keyword. We call these special keywords “Auto Responders”. Your auto-responder can contain information about an event, a link to a registration form, or just about anything else. Once you set up an Auto-Repsonder, people will receive an immediate response from your organization containing the information they requested. You even have the ability to include a trackable link, so you can see how many people (and exactly who) clicked the link. 


This article assumes that you already have an active MojoTxt account with a phone number.  If you don't have an account yet, you can sign-up online.


Create an Auto-Responder
  1. Log into MojoTxt.
  2. Select the Auto-Responders option under the Tools section of the sidebar.
  3. Press New Auto-Responder.
  4. Type the Keyword (one word that will request the automatic response message and link). And enter your custom Response message. In the final box you may optionally enter a Link (URL).
  5. Finally, press Add Auto-Responder to activate and save your automatic response. 

Try It Out

Text your auto-responder's keyword to your MojoTxt number. You should receive a reply with your response message within a couple of seconds.