MojoTxt can be a great communication tool for more than just ministry staff. When configured correctly, MojoTxt can enable your volunteers, like small group and ministry team leaders, to reach out to people via text messaging, assuring that everyone remains in the communication loop. By setting up users with limited access, you can grant anyone permission to send out messages to the lists you specify, while protecting other sensitive information like mobile donation history. 


This article assumes that you already have an active MojoTxt account with a phone number.  If you don't have an account yet, you can sign-up online.

Part 1: Add a Subscription List

In order to send out messages to a group of people, you'll need to create a Subscription List for that group. If the Subscription List you are granting access to already exists, you can skip to part 2.

To create a Subscription List

  1. Log-into MojoTxt.
  2. Choose Subscription Lists from the Tools Menu on the left. 
  3. Click New Subscription List
  4. Choose a name for your list as well as a Keyword. (The Keyword is the word that people can text-in to join your list.)
  5. Optionally, add some people to the list from the Subscribers tab. 

Part 2: Add a User

If you wish to allow another person to send messages from your MojoTxt number they will need their own User account. To create an additional user:

  1. Log In to MojoTxt

  2. Click your name the upper right hand corner

  3. Click Account & Billing from the drop down menu

  4. Click Users from the left-hand menu.

  5. Click New User

  6. On the Profile tab, enter the person's information and choose a password for them.

  7. Click the Access Permissions tab.

    1. Deselect the Entire Account checkbox.

    2. Check the Subscription List(s) that this person should be allowed to access. 

    3. Do not check any other items unless you wish to grant additional permissions to your account. When done correctly, the Subscription List(s) you want the user to access have a green checkmark, and all other permissions will be gray or yellow. It should look something like this...

  8. Click the Add User button.

Now your new user has access to only the designated Subscription List

Additional Note: If you wish for this user to be able to view incoming replies to their messages, you may give access to Conversations, but by doing so you will also grant access to ALL CONVERSATIONS on your phone number, not just the conversations that pertain to their Subscription Lists