Do you have an existing phone number you'd like to use with MojoTxt? In most cases, we can help you port that number into your MojoTxt account. We are able to port most local land lines and toll-free numbers. (Unfortunately, we are not able to port mobile numbers at this time.) 

To begin the process, please open a support ticket that includes a signed Letter of Authorization and the answers to the questions below.

Letters of Authorization:
Completing one of these forms gives MojoTxt the authority to port your number to one of our carrier partners.

Please answer the following questions:

  1. Would you like us to set this up as a new number in your account, or should we replace an existing number with the number you are porting-in?
  2. Would you like us to forward voice calls to another number?

Once we receive this information, we will submit your port request to our carrier partner. It typically takes two weeks for the port to complete. Please do not cancel service with your existing provider until the port is complete. When the porting process is complete, we'll reach out to let you know that your number is ready for use.