This article assumes that you already have an active MojoTxt account with a phone number.  If you don't have an account yet, you can sign-up online.

Step 1: Connect A Payment Service

In order to accept live donations with MojoTxt, you must connect your account with a compatible payment service.  Your payment service is responsible for billing your customers' credit cards or bank accounts, securely storing your customers' payment information, and depositing funds to your bank account.  MojoTxt currently integrates with three payment services: Stripe, PaymentSpring, and BluePay.  To compare these services and establish a payment service account, visit the Payment Services page. (You may skip this step for now if you'd like to test our donation features without  collecting any live donations.)

Step 2: Create A Donation Keyword   

  1.  Visit the MojoTxt dashboard. If you have more than one MojoTxt phone number, make sure the correct number is selected at the top of the page.  
  2. Click the Donations link in the Tools panel, located in the left-hand column of the page.
  3. Click New Donation Keyword.
  4. Type a name for the keyword.  This is the word your subscribers will type when they want to make a donation.  We recommend using the keyword "give" or "donate" for general purpose giving.  You could also use something like "building" or "missions" to give to other funds.
  5. Type the name of the fund that this keyword corresponds to. For example: Tithes & Offerings or Building Campaign.
  6. Click Add Donation Keyword.

Step 3: Configure Your Donation Keyword (Optional)

After adding your new donation keyword, you can set the following advanced options from the keyword's Settings tab.

Thank You Message – This is the message that is shown to donors after their giving is complete.  It must be no more than 160 characters because it will be sent as a text message if users are not completing the transaction in their web browser.

Default Amount
– If a user does not include a donation amount along with their initial giving keyword request (i.e. "give 100"), the amount entered here will be used. Leaving this box bank will cause the system to ask the user how much they would like to give.

Default Schedule
– If a user does not include a schedule for their gift in their initial giving request (i.e. "give 100 weekly"), the schedule chosen here will be used as the default.  Setting this to "Ask User" will cause the system to ask the user how often they wish to give the donation. See this article for more information about scheduled donations.

Step 4: Test Your Donation Keyword

You can send a text message to your MojoTxt phone number with the keyword you chose, optionally followed by the amount they wish to give, and the desired giving schedule ("once", "weekly", "biweekly", or "monthly").  For example, if you chose the keyword "give", and a subscriber wishes to give $10.00, she could type "give 10", "give $10.00".  She could alternatively just type "give", and MojoTxt will reply with a message asking how much she wishes to give.

If it's your subscriber's first time giving, or if he or she has opted not to save their payment information, MojoTxt will reply with a message which includes a link to a secure mobile web page where the person can enter his or her payment information.  By default the payment page is unbranded, however it can be customized with your logo and color palette from the Branding page (accessible from the left-hand column in your MojoTxt dashboard).

If your subscriber has given before and chosen to save their payment information, they'll be able to complete the donation process entirely via text message.  They can reply "confirm" to use their saved payment information.  They will also be given the opportunity to change their payment information by replying "change", or cancel their donation by replying "cancel".