After you've created a keyword for your MojoTxt number, it's a great idea to customize your phone number's Help message.  This is the message that a user will receive if they send the "Help" command.  By default, they will receive the following message: "Please enter a keyword, or reply STOP ALL to stop receiving messages. Message & data rates my apply."  While this does explain what the user needs to do, it doesn't give them any information about the keywords you've created or what they can do with your MojoTxt number.  

Follow these tips to update your Help message and give your users the best experience possible:

  1. To change your phone number's Help Message, log-into the MojoTxt Dashboard, make sure the phone number you wish to work with is displayed in the top right-hand corner, and click the Settings button from the left-hand bar.  You can edit the help message from the Help Text box.
  2. Add some information about the most important services your phone number provides.  You'll need to be brief and concise, as the maximum length your message can be is 160 characters.
  3. If your message advertises a subscription list, users should know how often they should expect to receive messages.  Use words like "daily", "weekly", or "monthly" to describe the list.
  4. It's important that you let users know how to stop receiving messages from your number. At minimum, you should use the phrase "Reply STOP to unsubscribe."
  5. It's good practice to type your keywords in UPPERCASE letters. 
  6. You can make use of auto-response keywords if you wish to provide more information than you can fit in the help message.  For example, you could say "Reply MORE for more options", then create an auto-response keyword named MORE with the extra information in it.


  • While our church has many keywords set-up, we have several core keywords that want everyone to know about that we advertise in our help message...
    "Reply NOTES for weekly message notes, GIVE to make a donation, BIBLE for daily Bible readings, CONNECT to fill out a Connect Card, or STOP to unsubscribe."
  • If you wanted to let users know about more keywords, you could consider making your help text more concise...
  • If you are using your MojoTxt number exclusively for giving, you could make your help text read something like this...
    "Type the name of the fund you wish to give to (GENERAL, MISSIONS, or BUILDING), followed by the amount. Reply STOP to unsubscribe."