Note: As of 2/19/2019, we are no longer offering High Capacity Mode to new customers. 

Customers using this feature currently may continue to do so, however, we are now recommending that customers switch to a dedicated toll-free number to send larger amounts of messages.

Some of our higher volume clients have reported delays or carrier blocking when sending messages to many people simultaneously. The reason for this is, due to mobile carrier restrictions, local phone numbers are capable of sending messages at a rate of only 1 per second. For clients who have experienced a delay during periods of heavy usage, or who expect to send more than several hundred messages per day on average, we recommend enabling High Capacity Mode from your phone number's Settings page.

What is High Capacity Mode?

High Capacity Mode distributes your outgoing messages across a large pool of overflow phone numbers in high usage situations.  This allows us to work around the one message/second limit on regular phone numbers to send at much higher speeds.

Will people start receiving my messages from many different phone numbers?

High Capacity Mode permanently pairs a subscriber to a specific overflow number.  Once a subscriber has received one message from an overflow number, we will continue to send messages to them using the same number in the future.  This ensures a consistent user experience.  We also announce the name of your organization the first time someone receives a message from an overflow number to ensure that they understand that the message is from you.

What happens if someone replies to a message received from an overflow phone number?

MojoTxt will respond exactly as if they had texted your primary phone number. The subscriber can interact with the overflow phone number in the same way as they would with your primary phone number.

Are overflow phone numbers shared with other organizations?

Yes, we use the same pool of overflow numbers to send High Capacity messages for all of our clients.  However, our system is designed to ensure that no two organizations can send messages to the same person from the same overflow phone number.  This means that our overflow numbers appear to your subscribers as though they belong to you exclusively, since you are the only organization who will ever send a message to them using that number.

Can I still send MMS (picture) messages with High Capacity Mode?

Unfortunately, no.  MMS messages cannot be sent through toll-free numbers at this time, so picture messages are disabled when High Capacity Mode is enabled. 

Why wouldn't I want to use High Capacity Mode?

If you don't expect to send messages to many people simultaneously, you can ensure that your subscribers always receive messages from your primary phone number by disabling High Capacity Mode. Additionally, MMS (picture) messages cannot be sent through toll-free numbers, so this feature is disabled when High Capacity Mode is enabled.

Does it cost extra to use High Capacity Mode?

No. It's included with all of our plans at no additional cost. Enjoy!

How do I enable High Capacity Mode?

Easy! Just open your phone number's Settings page and turn-on the High Capacity Mode checkbox.