Our pricing is based around the number of messages you send in a month-long billing cycle.  Each SMS message that MojoTxt sends on your behalf uses one message credit (zero credits to receive).  Each MMS (picture) message that MojoTxt sends uses two message credits to send (one credit to receive).

Message Type
Credits To Send
Credits To Receive
SMS (Standard Text)
0/msg (Free!)
MMS (Picture Message)

Each of our monthly plans come with a certain amount of credits.  If you run out of credits during a month, we'll charge you for the extra credits at the end of the billing cycle. Overage is billed at your plan's "additional credits" price, which is about the same price as the message credits that come with the plan.  If you have extra message credits left over at the end of the month, your credits will roll over to the next month automatically.  There's no expiration date for credits, and there's no limit to the number of rollover credits you can accumulate.  

If you need help computing how many message credits you may need in a month, we have a calculator available on our pricing page if you click the "Help me choose a plan" button.

In addition to our normal monthly prices, there are some optional services that cost extra if you choose to use them:

Payment Processing (for accepting donations)

If you choose to accept donations through MojoTxt, you'll need to choose a third-party payment service.  The payment service will charge your donors credit cards, securely store their payment information, and deposit the funds to your bank account.  We are currently compatible with three payment services.  Each service has its own set of rates, and you are free to choose the service the best meets your needs.

Call Forwarding

If you choose to enable our call forwarding feature, which allows people to speak to you directly if they dial your MojoTxt phone number, the cost is 5¢/minute.

Extra Phone Numbers

Some of our clients set-up multiple texting numbers for different departments or locations.  Each of our plans come with a certain number of available numbers, but you can choose to purchase additional numbers for $5/month each.