If you don't use your MojoTxt account enough to justify staying on our smallest plan, or you've accumulated many more message credits than you need, you may want to consider switching over to our Pay-As-You-Go plan.  With this plan, we charge a flat rate for your account's actual usage at the end of each month.  

Plan Costs:

  • $5/month for each MojoTxt phone number
  • 3¢ for each message credit

Saved Message Credits

All of the credits you've already purchased are available for you to use with this plan, and they are used before we bill for any additional credits.  You're welcome to stay on this plan until you use all of your existing credits and switch back to one of our regular plans at any time.

How To Get Started

Because we assume some risk by allowing you to post-pay for service, this plan is only available to customers with good payment history who have been a MojoTxt customer for at least six months. Just submit a ticket to our support department and request to be switched to the Pay-As-You-Go plan.