Like email providers, mobile carriers use advanced filtering systems to protect their subscribers from unsolicited spam messages.  If you've found that many of your messages are not being delivered to your recipients, it's possible that your message, or your phone number as a whole, is being blocked by mobile carriers. 

Here are a few questions that may help you identify and correct the issue:

  • Have you completed the carrier registration process for your MojoTxt number?
    If not, carrier spam filters are much more likely to block/filter your messages. Please complete the carrier registration process right away to correct this issue.

  • Did the blocked message contain a link from a public URL shortener like or
    Since many spammers use URL shorteners in their text messages, carriers sometimes block messages that contain these links. Try using our built-in URL shortener instead, or include the full destination URL in your message.

  • Did you send messages to people who didn't specifically opt-in?
    If so, they may have reported your messages to their carrier as spam. Carriers take these reports very seriously and will block your number if they receive a handful of spam reports.

If the above suggestions do not correct the issue, please reach out and we'll be happy to work with the mobile carriers to get your number unblocked. When you contact us, please include the phone number of one or two people who are unable to receive your messages.