You may have noticed that MojoTxt uses local and toll-free phone numbers instead of the typical 5 or 6 digit "short codes" used by other text messaging systems.  We made the decision to use standard phone numbers instead of short codes for MojoTxt because doing so allowed us to offer our customers exclusive access to their own phone number, rather than requiring that they share a short code with many other customers.  This allows you to create a richer experience for your users and ensures that only your organization will be communicating with people via your phone number.

There are a few upsides to using regular numbers instead of short codes...

  • Since your phone number is dedicated to your organization, you'll never have to worry about another organization communicating with your subscribers from your phone number.  
  • Instead of competing with other organizations to find available keywords on a shared short code, you can choose any keyword you'd like.
  • You can forward phone calls from your MojoTxt number to your regular phone number, so people can use the same number to interact with you via voice or text.
  • Since standard phone numbers are relatively inexpensive, you can opt to create multiple numbers to serve different locations or departments.

On the other hand...

  • Short codes are easier to remember.
  • Short codes can send messages at a faster rate than standard numbers.
  • Carriers don't approve of marketing efforts via standard phone numbers.  If you would like to use SMS for business promotion/marketing, you'll need to use a short code provider.

While we don't offer shortcodes, toll-free numbers can be a great alternative solution for organizations who wish to send messages at a higher volume. MojoTxt customers can switch to a toll-free number at any time for free.