Recent changes, bug fixes, and new features added to MojoTxt:

Release DateChange TypeDescription
5/4/2020FeatureHave you ever wanted to send yourself a copy of a message, just to make sure it works and looks the way you expect, before you send it to your list? If so, then today's your lucky day! ? Try out the new "Send Test Message" button when you're composing your next message. 
You can now change the keyword of any existing list, responder, donation, or daily program.
3/20/2020UpdateWe have increased our capacity in response to unusually high outbound messaging due to Coronavirus-related text messaging. This includes more server capacity as well as some under-the-hood enhancements to our messaging engine which should improve application performance overall. As part of this update, we are now fully disabling the use of our legacy High Capacity Mode feature. 
2/19/2020UpdateDue to a change in carrier policies, we are no longer recommending the use of our High Capacity Mode feature and have added warnings to the UI to inform customers that they should switch to a dedicated toll-free number.
10/16/2019UpdateWe are now able to offer MMS messaging on all newly-created toll-free numbers. We plan to enable MMS on all existing toll-free numbers soon. Please reach out to our support team if this feature is a priority for you, and we will manually transition your number.
10/10/2019FeatureYou can now log-into MojoTxt with your Google account.
10/5/2019UpdateWhile we weren't able to restore the original scripture embedding API, you can now embed ESV version passages in your Daily Programs by linking your MojoTxt account to a free ESV API account.
10/3/2019FixToday we discovered that the scripture embedding feature in our Daily Programs was not working properly.  This occurred because the API that we receive Bible verses from suddenly stopped working. We deployed a fix that will allow people to continue to read Daily Program scriptures via a link to We hope to reactivate the normal scripture embedding soon.
9/23/2019UpdateOur upstream carrier partner notified us today that they are no longer offering MMS support on new toll-free numbers. This may not be a permanent change, but for the time being, newly-created toll-free numbers will not be MMS capable.
9/22/2019UpdateYou can now begin a new conversation directly from the Conversations page. We also added an easy way to search for people by name or phone number throughout the app.
9/22/2019FeatureMMS (picture) messaging is now available to customers using our legacy High Capacity Mode feature!
5/22/2019FeatureWe're now offering MMS (picture) messaging on all new toll-free numbers. (See update on 9/23/2019.)
5/13/2019FixToday a customer reported a bug where a longer keyword entered by a user could accidentally trigger a shorter keyword.  For example, if the keywords "superstar" and "super" were set-up, a user who typed "superstar" could see the "star" keyword response under certain circumstances. Our software has been updated to resolve this issue.
4/24/2019UpdateWe've made a few changes to our donation features to make it easier for people to make donations via text:
  1. If someone types in a number/amount without first specifying a donation keyword, the system will now recognize their message as a donation request.
  2. If someone texts-in the generic keywords GIVE or DONATE, the system will guide them through the process of choosing a fund and specifying an amount. 
  3. The system now properly recognizes donation requests when information is sent in a nonstandard order, or when extra information is present in the request. 
3/7/2019UpdateWe updated our donation acceptance system to help you maintain the highest level of security and PCI compliance. The portions of the web pages that collect credit/bank account info are now served from an isolated PCI-compliant hosting environment – all credit card information is (and always has been) submitted directly from your donors to your payment service, without flowing through our platform in any way. We've tested the new pages thoroughly on multiple devices, but if you encounter any issues, please let us know right away.
2/19/2019UpdateWe released a number of small user interface enhancements and bug fixes today. We're also replacing our High Capacity Mode feature with the ability to use a dedicated toll-free number for high volume message sending. Existing customers may continue to use High Capacity Mode without interruption, but the option will no longer be available to people who aren't already using the feature. 
12/31/2018FeatureHappy new year!  Today we added a couple of new link attachment types for outgoing messages: You can now compose and attach HTML messages (containing unlimited amounts of text, videos, images, and file attachments) that can be viewed mobile browsers. You can also send a settings link to request that your subscribers add or update their contact information.
12/28/2018FeatureWe've added a new "Auto-Unsubscribe" feature that can automatically unsubscribe people who aren't able to receive your messages. You can activate the feature from your phone number's Settings page. We also added a way for you to view the carrier delivery status for all outgoing messages from the Message Log and from any Subscription List's delivery report.
11/16/2018UpdateWe've made some network changes that will allow us to make all incoming SMS messages free!  All of our customers can now receive SMS messages without using any message credits (MMS messages still cost 1 credit to receive).
4/12/2018UpdateWe added some context-sensitive warning messages to let customers know when they are about to send a message that is very likely to be blocked as spam by mobile carriers.
3/19/2018FixA customer reported that (under high load circumstances) it was possible for someone to receive multiple copies of "send immediately after subscribing" automation messages. We corrected the software bug that allowed this to happen.
1/31/2018UpdateOur messaging engine will now ignore incoming "I'm driving right now" messages. The messages will still be visible in your Message Log, but they will no longer trigger the start of a new conversation or cause an error message to be sent in reply.
12/30/2017FeatureIf someone begins making a donation but doesn't complete it within an hour, MojoTxt will now send a reminder text asking them to finish the donation.
12/30/2017UpdateWhen using High Capacity Mode, MojoTxt will now include your organization name and unsubscribe instructions when people receive a message from an overflow number for the first time.  This update was made to reduce confusion for people who aren't expecting to receive your message on a new number. 
12/18/2017FeatureWe added a light feature to Daily Programs that allows you to automatically subscribe people to a Subscription List when they join your Daily Program.
12/18/2017FixWe corrected an issue that was preventing new lines from being inserted into outgoing messages. We also solved a problem that was causing the number of characters in MMS messages to be miscounted.
11/29/2017FeatureWe added guided tours to the help menu for Subscription Lists, Donations, and Conversations to help new customers get acquainted with MojoTxt a little more quickly.
11/28/2017FixWe fixed a bug that was causing daily program participants not to be auto-unsubscribed for inactivity when a program's messages weren't scheduled every day.
11/6/2017FeatureWe added a brand new user settings page where people can manage their own contact information, subscription preferences, and donations.  Along with this page come a number of built-in keywords to access the settings page, and changes to the functionality of some existing built-in keywords.
10/24/2017FeatureWe added some big updates to the People page that let you import/export people, group people with tags, send messages to any number of individual recipients, and more. We also renamed our relative-time sending feature to "Automations".
10/11/2017UpdateWe updated our Stripe integration to collect credit card data using the Stripe Elements API. (This was a required update to maintain PCI compliance.) If you're using Stripe as your payment service, you'll notice a different appearance of the credit card entry page during the donation process.
8/8/2017UpdateWe updated the look of MojoTxt's mobile web pages to match the look of the rest of our application. We also changed the name of the "User Interface" page to "Branding".
6/23/2017FeatureWe added a feature that lets you schedule list messages relative to the date a person subscribes to the list. You can use this feature to create a series of messages that send automatically at certain time intervals after a person subscribes to your list.
6/20/2017FixWe found a problem that was causing daily program messages to be sent before they were finalized in certain situations.  To solve this problem, new daily program messages must now be marked as "published" before the system will send them.
6/15/2017UpdateThe "Subscribers" page has now become the "People" page. Because subscribers are people too. ☺️ (And also because new customers found this confusing.)
6/14/2017FeatureWe extended the conversation notification options available. You can now receive a notification for each incoming message via email or text. You can also reply to email notifications.
6/12/2017FeatureAdded a search box and the ability to manually add a single subscriber to the Subscribers page.
6/8/2017FeatureAdded the ability for users to import subscribers to subscription lists.
5/30/2017UpdateAdded PaymentSpring to our list of supported payment services, updated the design of the Payment Services page.
5/11/2017UpdateReleased an entirely new responsive design for the MojoTxt application.
2/3/2017UpdateAdded a "What's New?" box to the dashboard – It's a great way for you to know what's new with MojoTxt!
2/3/2017FeatureAdded beta support for Zapier: for exporting donations and sending messages to subscription lists.
2/3/2017UpdateAdded Subscribers and PhoneNumbers objects to our developer API.
2/1/2017UpdateUpdated the messaging engine to automatically handle user unsubscribe requests that start with the word "please" (think "please stop texting me" or "please unsubscribe me".
2/1/2017FeatureAdded "Alternate Keywords" - A way for you to create synonyms for existing keywords. You can find this in the phone number's Management pane.
1/30/2017FixCorrected a bug that was causing some customers to see a "message too long" error when sending a standard SMS, even when the message was within the 160-character limit.
1/27/2017FeatureAdded support for MMS/Picture messages from subscription lists and to conversations.
1/27/2017FeatureAdded Emoji and special character support to subscription lists, conversations, and auto-responders.
1/17/2017UpdateOur credit usage algorithm has been updated to allow multi-credit and partial-credit messages. (More on this later)
1/12/2017FixFixed a bug involving subscription lists with a fully numeric keyword.
12/9/2016FixFixed an issue with the formatting of daily program scripture verses that specifically affected Psalms.
11/22/2016UpdateUpdated the reseller administration dashboard.
11/8/2016FixFixed a bug that was causing the Settings dialog to appear every time for certain Daily Program subscribers.
8/24/2016FixFixed a bug where a user could use a number as a poll option "letter".
8/24/2016UpdateWe are now passing the donation keyword to BluePay's "custom_id" field to aid with account reconciliation.
8/18/2016FeatureInitial release of the reseller program and dashboard.
6/28/2016FixCorrected an issue preventing the import of certain subscribers from Auto-Responders to Subscription Lists.
6/7/2016FixFixed a bug that was causing "High Capacity Mode" not to be fully disabled for certain subscribers after an overflow number had been previously used.
4/8/2016FeatureYou can now send a single message to multiple subscription lists. (Subscribers belonging to multiple lists will only receive one message.)
4/8/2016FeaturePublicly launched our developer API.
4/8/2016Fix Corrected a problem that was preventing multiple scripture references from displaying properly in daily programs.
4/8/2016Fix Fixed an issue that could prevent users from receiving a report when transactions could not be automatically exported to CCB. 
2/25/2016FeatureAdded flexible permission levels on a per-user basis, giving you the ability to choose exactly which parts of  MojoTxt are accessible to every user.
1/13/2016Fix Squashed a bug that was preventing some donation keywords from displaying in the dashboard.
1/13/2016FeatureExport donations (and donor information) to a CSV file.
1/12/2016 FeatureNow you can filter your donations by date range.  Next step: Exporting! :)
10/14/2015UpdateReorganized major parts of the user interface to make MojoTxt easier to use and learn. Replaced the "Keywords" panel with a new "Tools" panel. 
10/7/2015Feature Added High Capacity Mode to distribute high volume SMS traffic over a pool of phone numbers for faster and more reliable message delivery to large groups of people.
9/25/2015Update Users can now make a donation, even if they omit the space between the donation keyword and amount. (i.e. "give10").
9/25/2015Fix Users were unable to make a donation if the amount specified contained a comma. 
9/25/2015Update Included fund name in amount request message when making a donation. 
5/13/2015UpdateAdded date/time picker when sending subscription list messages.
5/12/2015FeatureAdded automatic donation exporting to Church Community Builder integration.
5/12/2015FeatureReleased Church Community Builder integration from beta.
5/6/2015Update Added tooltips to dashboard usage chart. 
5/3/2015Fix Fixed an issue that could cause multiple "daily program" messages to be sent to the same recipient. 
4/28/2015Update Updated donation keyword flow enabling a "test mode" for clients without a payment service connected.
3/19/2015FeatureAdded Live Polling 
3/19/2015UpdateAdded some helpful "Learn more" links to various places throughout the dashboard.
2/20/2015UpdateUpdated "add phone number" page adding more descriptive language for new accounts.
2/17/2015Feature Replaced old "Getting Started" guide with a new user guide, accessible from a new "Help" button.
2/19/2015UpdateUpdated messaging engine to acknowledge keywords containing one or two spaces.
2/10/2015FeatureAdded one-on-one "Conversations" to dashboard and messaging engine.
12/14/2014FeatureAdded beta Church Community Builder integration for donation transaction exporting.

Added support for scheduled repeating donations.