You've tried sending a message, but one or more of your recipients didn't receive it. Fear not! This article is designed to help you walk through troubleshooting steps to diagnose, and hopefully fix, the problem.

Step 1 – Viewing The Delivery Log

From the delivery log, you can verify whether or not MojoTxt sent your message to the recipient carrier. You can also view the status message returned from the carrier. 

  1. Log-into MojoTxt and click Subscription Lists from the left-hand menu.
  2. Choose the list that the message was sent from.
  3. Click on the message that was not received.
  4. Click the Delivery Log button.
  5. You'll now see all of the messages sent by MojoTxt.  Find the person who reported not receiving your message. Examine the Delivery column to view the message's delivery status. You may also click the status message to view more information and to see the results of other messages recently sent to that person.

Step 2 – Interpreting Delivery Status Messages

Each message in the delivery log is accompanied by one of the following delivery status messages:


The message is in MojoTxt's outbound queue, waiting to be sent to the recipient's carrier. 

  • We release messages from our queue at a rate of one message every 2-3 seconds for local numbers and 10 per second for toll-free numbers.
  • A message remaining in the Queued status for an extended period of time could indicate a technical issue with our platform or with one of our carriers. 

Sent / Delivered

Both of these statuses indicate that your message has been received and accepted by the recipient's mobile carrier. A Delivered status further indicates that the recipient's mobile carrier has reported that they attempted to deliver the message to the destination phone.  There is no guarantee that the phone was able to receive the message at the time delivery was attempted.

If a message in the Sent or Delivered status was not received by the recipient, it could be for one of the following reasons:

  • The destination device was not powered-on when the carrier attempted to deliver the message.
  • The destination device did not have sufficient signal at the time the message was sent.
  • The device was not connected to the home carrier network (most carriers do not guarantee message deliverability while roaming off-network).
  • The mobile carrier was experiencing a temporary message delivery outage.
  • The mobile carrier has identified the message as spam, or has identified your MojoTxt phone number as a source of spam, and decided to block it. Some carriers return a "Not Delivered" message when this happens, while others report a successful delivery even if they choose to block the message. (See: Troubleshooting Carrier Blocking)

Not Delivered

The recipient's mobile carrier is reporting that delivery to the recipient has failed.  

These errors typically indicate a problem with the phone number, device, or carrier network:

  • Unknown/Invalid Destination Handset - The carrier was unable to deliver this message. This may be a landline or invalid number.
  • Destination Rejected Message - The destination number you are trying to reach could not receive this message. This may be a landline or invalid number.
  • Unreachable Destination Handset - The phone may be switched-off or otherwise unavailable, or there may be an issue with the mobile carrier.
  • Landline - The destination number is not capable of receiving text messages.
  • Unknown Error - Delivery of this message failed for unknown reasons.

These errors typically indicate that the carrier has actively blocked your message. (See: Troubleshooting Carrier Blocking)

  • Message Blocked - The destination number you are trying to reach was blocked from receiving this message.
  • Spam Detected - This message has been flagged as spam by the carrier. 
  • Carrier Violation - Your message was flagged as objectionable by the carrier.

Step 3 – Troubleshooting

  • If an individual isn't receiving your messages:
    • If the message is in the "Not Delivered" status, examine the specific error message for clues about why the message wasn't delivered.
    • Be sure that you are sending to the correct mobile number and that the recipient is able to receive SMS or MMS messages from other sources.  
    • After confirming that the person is able to receive SMS messages from another source, send a message to the person from the People or Conversations page.  
      • If the person receives your test message, the original problem was likely a temporary issue with the recipient's device or carrier, and future messages should be delivered normally.
      • If the person does not receive your test message, it's possible that the recipient's mobile carrier may be blocking messages from your MojoTxt number.  (See: Troubleshooting Carrier Blocking)
  • If a group of people aren't receiving your message:
    • Sometimes this can be caused by local carrier outages, but if the issue persists beyond a day or two, the most likely cause of this issue is carrier blocking.  (See: Troubleshooting Carrier Blocking)

Still having trouble?

Please let us know. We'll be happy to help!