What is a message credit?

Each monthly plan we offer includes a certain amount of message credits.   These credits are consumed when one or more messages are sent to a subscriber.  When sending Standard SMS Text Messages, each message sent uses one credit (zero credits to receive).  For example, if you send a message to 100 subscribers of a subscription list, you've consumed 100 message credits, or if 10 people text-in to your auto-response keyword, and each of them receive an automatic reply, you've used 10 message credits.  When sending MMS/Picture Messages, two credits are used when a message is sent, and one credit is used when a message is received.

When are message credits added to my account?

At the beginning of each billing cycle, the number of message credits included with your selected monthly plan are added to your account.  You can see your billing cycle dates from the "Billing Cycle Summary" section of your phone number's dashboard.

What if I have credits left over at the end of the month?

If credits remain at the end of the billing cycle, they automatically roll-over into the next month.  There is no limit to the number of message credits you can accumulate.  If you find that you're accumulating more credits than you can use, you may want to switch to our Pay-As-You-Go plan.

What if I run out of message credits?

If you run out of message credits in a given month, there's no need to worry about your service being suspended.  You're free to use the service as much as you like – your credit card will be billed for the overage automatically at the end of the billing cycle.  The overage rate will depend on the monthly plan you choose.  If you opt to switch to a new monthly plan before the end of the billing cycle, your overage will be billed at the overage rate of the new plan, so you can take advantage of the new plan's pricing right away.

Do I need to buy message credits for each phone number?

Message credits apply to your account as a whole, and can be used on any MojoTxt phone number in your account. All of your phone numbers share the same pool of message credits.